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Create a post from inside a post

  • This may be a silly question, but has anyone successfully used ACF to create a post from inside a post?

    The idea stems from trying to have a single page that allows a contributor to enter content into a custom post type, but a few of the sections would be used to add a post to other custom post types. This may be a general WP question, but I was hoping that ACF could be used to accomplish this.

    Just to break it down in more detail:

    1. Contributor logs in
    2. Enters general content, as well as other ACF fields that would be used normally
    3. Contributor then enters “Contact Info” which appears like other ACF fields, but when saved saves to a “Contacts” custom post type.
    4. Contributor also enters “Resources”, which like “Contact Info” creates a post in a “Resources” custom post type when saved.

    We are trying to make it as simple as possible for content to be entered in one area rather than three or more. It’s possible that we just need to make a custom form or another entry method for this, but any insight is appreciated.

  • Hi @NathanD

    Awesome question, simply, yes.

    ACF has an action called acf/save_post.

    You can use this action to hook into the save process and do what you will.
    In your function, you could insert a new post (lots of docs on the internet about wp_insert_post) and use either the $_POST data, or just load the ACF data as normal via get_field (less efficient, but easier to code)


  • Great – we’ll give this a try. Thank you!

  • Just so I’m on the same page here – I would use the acf/save_post action to collect the content from the acf fields in my custom post type, then using a function create posts depending on the specific fields?

    Like so:

    1. Create new CPT post via WP Admin
    2. Enter all fields
    3. Click “Publish”, when this is clicked the action and function will be triggered and processed
    4. CPT will be saved and other CPT posts created

    I think this makes sense, but if I’m on the wrong path just let me know.

    Thanks again.

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