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Create a new “post” when an ACF field is populated and saved…?

  • Here is my scenario:

    Setting up a school planner/organization system where teachers can add subject resources per week per student…but to make this quick and useful, I want to make the resources “reusable”.

    So for instance, if a teacher is adding a book resource for “Student A” within a repeater field labeled “books”, they would type the title and save it so now “Student A” can see that resource on their assignment page. However, what if that teacher wanted another student to use the same resource OR maybe a student the following school year would need to use it…I would like that resource to be available in a post type for them to have the option of using a relationship field for “past resources”.

    I know I can do this by having the post type setup and having the teachers add all resources there first, then go into the student page and call up the resources: BUT, this is not user friendly. I really want the teachers to be able to work on a weekly plan for a student and add things within a singular page for that student…and then have all those things “saved” into a separate post type that would essentially be a resource library. Ideally they would be able to add tags to the resource as well so that all gets “exported” over into the resource CPT.

    I would be using either repeater or flexible content fields on the student pages…so that’s where the resource data would be needing pulled from into a CPT…

    Anyone know how I can do this????

  • For a no coding option my suggestion would be to check out ACF Extended

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