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Create a download/media library with files uploaded through ftp

  • We would like to use ACF PRO to automatically recognize specific files in a folder structure uploaded through FTP.

    We would like to use ACF PRO to create and show a public media library for a customer of ours which would look and work the same as their competitor’s media/file library (

    We could let the customer upload al their files through a ACF upload field and show that result, and fill the filters with information from the file such as the extension (*.DWG) and a selection custom fields and or dropdowns with options for each upload. Because i’m not a big fan of uploading multiple large images through web into wordpress i would like to create a function. This function would automatically recognize directories and the files uploaded in these directories. We then could use the folder structure as a option to create the filters and media/files grid layout.

    For example the directories could be like;

    – DIR1
    – – DIR2
    – – – DIR3
    – – – – FILE

    We could then use the DIR* names af a filter option and or category and then place the file in the correct ACF field.

  • Sorry, but I don’t thing I understand the explanation. ACF file fields hold the ID of a file uploaded through WP that live is the media library of the site. Without the WP post ID of the attachment and acf file field can do nothing with the file.

    It could be that you’re trying to use ACF for something where some other alternative might be a better choice. But like I said, I don’t really understand what you’re trying to achieve.

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