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CPT Field Group Bugs

  • With the latest version ( I’ve been noticing some odd issues when adding my fields to a field group. These sorts of things are happening:

    • Fields not saving
    • When I drag and drop, fields get replaced (existing field that I dragged over goes away).

    Any one else seeing these issues?

  • Nope, not yet anyway… got any JS errors on those pages?

  • Sorry, didn’t think to save those… will add them next time I run into anything.

  • Just ran into one of the issues I’d seen before. I drag and drop a new field from the bottom to a new location, but it doesn’t save. There are no errors in Firebug.

    • Elliot

    • July 29, 2013 at 1:31 pm

    Hi @relish27

    Are you updating the field group after you re-position the field? There is no AJAX save event for this.

  • Yes, of course. 🙂

  • Another, possibly related one:

    I created a field. Then I renamed it and moved it. It stayed in the new location just fine. Then I decided to rename it again. Each time I renamed it and Updated the field group it did not save. Until save #4. Then it did. Again, no Firebug errors.

  • Today I ran into more “not saving” issues. I made a screenr video so you can see:

    BUT THEN. It occurred to me that maybe WP Engines caching was affecting this somehow. I “purged all caches” and then things started saving. I’m asking them about it, but I’m thinking maybe that was the issue, not something with ACF.

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