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Couple of related bugs in ACF Pro

  • Hi There,

    I’ve found a couple of bugs in ACF Pro (not sure if they existed in previous versions). What I’ve done is hard to explain so I’ve a comprehensive bug report here to show what I did and how to re-create it.

    1. I have created some fields in a tab

    2. One of these fields is a Repeater field for quicklinks. This contains the following fields

    3. Within quicklinks we have Link Type. This is a radio button option for the user to decide if they would like to create an internal or an external link. This field contains an instruction to help with the UX so the user knows which option to select

    4. I have created a field called Link. This field is conditioned only to show IF internal is selected

    5. I have also created 2 fields for if the user selects External. These are Link Url and Link Text

    6. If I now goto the admin screen, I am presented with the first bug. Even though I have not yet added an optional Quicklink I have the instruction for the link type field and the heading for Link displayed with no fields.

    7. Upon adding a Quicklink, and choosing Internal I am given what I’d expect

    8. However upon selecting External the 2nd bug appears. Correctly the internal field is hidden but the heading remains.

    Hope this is comprehensive enough for you to be able to determine how to fix. As a Professional Developer myself I appreciate just how much easier it is to find solutions when your able to easily reproduce the error 😉


  • I cannot recreate this. My guess at the problem is that you have a JavaScript error on your site that’s stopping the conditional logic scripts from working properly. Have you tried disabling other plugins on the site? Do you see any JavaScript errors?

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