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Copyright concern for plugin integration

  • Hi there,

    I am going to buy the ACF Pro plugin and install and used it to create all the custom fields I need for free plugin that I am going to add in the WordPress Plugins repository.

    I am going to PHP export all the stuff I created with ACF Pro and add it into my plugin. I will not use the plugin files itself in the plugin.

    Now my questions are:

    1) Will the exported PHP work without the files of the ACF Pro added into the plugin?
    2) Is this a correct approach and am I allowed to do that regarding your copyright rules.

    Thank you.

  • Without ACF installed, none of the fields you add to your plugin will work. If the fields are only available in the pro version then those fields will not work without ACF pro installed. Your plugin will be dependent on ACF also being installed. You’ll need to build in checks to not call the ACF function if it is not installed. Or you can use ACF hooks where needed which will only be called if ACF is installed, for example acf/init instead of init

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