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Copy/paste functionality for the repeater field (with demo)

  • I’ve had a few projects where the repeater field was needed for a fair amount of tabular data. I’ve sometimes been tasked with inputting the initial data once I’d developed the site and the time consuming nature of this work had me searching for solutions.

    As of writing I can’t find any copy/paste plugins for the repeater field and ACF can’t handle this itself natively.. so I ended up making a version of this myself and just wanted to share as well as making this suggestion.

    My last project requiring this tabular data straight out of Excel sheets was needed to go into the repeater rows. I then generate fancy html5 graphs in the website front-end using the chartjs library. As this project needed a fairly substantial amount of date/number input into repeater fields for multiple graphs I felt it was time to have a go at hacking around in jQuery to automate this.

    The result could be improved a fair bit as right now it only supports text and date fields right now but that’s simply because its all I need for my particular projects. Still it is somewhat polished and tries to handle variable columns and data that it knows won’t paste correctly. A video of it in action is here:

    I’d love to see this kind of functionality added to ACF as I can’t be the only one that has setup repeater fields and thought this.

  • Adam,

    This functionality would be incredible. I’m building a music schools search engine right now and our data researchers are constantly being slowed down by repeater fields. Would you be willing to share your source code with us? I’d be happy to help implement some improvements as well as a way of saying thank you!

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  • Dude! Adam! This is what we need. It looks like you might have shared the solution you came up with, but it’s not on the page anymore? Is it something you can share with me?


  • Yes, this is exactly what I am looking for!

    Could you please share what solution you used to work in your demo?

  • Adam, I’d be very interested in helping out with the development as well! Are you still working on the functionality for this?

  • Hi Adam @arkid77 and all – just echoing that I would also love to see this as a plugin/extension and am also happy to help with development.

  • Hi all, I’m so sorry this took me so long. I’m so short of time all personal projects don’t go very far normally and I knew I needed to clean this up before sharing it with anyone.

    What I’ve done is now available with some basic documentation here:

    I hope it helps some of you, do share if it does!

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