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Copy content from one flexible content field into another

  • Hi there,

    I currently have an ACF field group with flexible content, and in that flexible content field I have 3 layouts.

    On one of the pages, the flexible content has been generated like so:

      - layout_1
      - layout_2
      - layout_1
      - layout_3

    There has been a requirement to wrap these in another flexible content field, so now a page could be created like so:

      - flexible_content_layout_1
      - - layout_1
      - - layout_2
      - - layout_1
      - - layout_3
      - flexible_content_layout_2
      - - layout_4
      - - layout_5
      - - layout_5
      - flexible_content_layout_1
      - - layout_1
      - - layout_2

    My question is: Is there a way I can copy the content from my first example into my *nested* second example?

    So far I have tried:

    – Putting the nested field group on the same page as the non-nested field group, then using jQuery to move (.append()) the fields from the old layout to the new layout. This didn’t work and I ended up with no content, as I suspect the field names were incorrect.
    – Renaming the fields name attribute, although I got stuck here as I couldn’t work out what the correct name should be / search and replace was almost impossible as I was trying to rename:


    Can anyone help me with a function or can I do a database query to nest this content?

    I have 115 pages of 5-10 different flexible content layouts each, so I’d rather not copy and paste… I will if I have to!

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