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converting to Gutenberg block

  • hello
    I have an ace custom field group with one custom field – it shows up when adding/editing a post – I was hoping to use this field as a Gutenberg block – I followed the instructions to setup a block using ACF and I was using the same name for the custom field used previously – the field shows up in the backend however, I don’t seem to be able to get the data to show that was previously entered in the posts – do I have to re-enter all my data or is there a way convert the data previously entered?

    Thank you in advance for your help.

    using ACF 5.8 beta 3

  • Hi mmjaeger, As far as I know Blocks save their content within . the Post Object itself, here’s a snippet from the original ACF Blocks blog post:

    Metaboxes save data as “meta” (individual bits of data connected to the post via the wp_postmeta table) which allows the developer full control over when and where they appear within the theme template files – perfect for bespoke websites.

    Blocks save their data within the post_content value (as JSON within HTML comments) which allows the user full control over when and where they appear within the post’s content – perfect for blog posts or rich content areas.

    Basically means the content from your original Custom Field setup won’t show in your new block as it’s in a different place.

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