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Convert ACF 4.4.2 to ACF Pro

  • Hello,
    What’s the best way to convert our ACF 4.4.2 installation to ACF Pro? I noticed you can’t export a JSON file from the free version, so I’m unsure now to get our custom fields into PRO.


  • Is there a reason why you would want to go through a conversion rather than update the site to the new version? Just want to make sure I understand exactly what you’re doing before I suggest something that may not work.


  • So the site was initially setup using the free ACF 4.4.2 by mistake, but there is a lot of functionality we need from ACF Pro. We have a developer license, so we’d like to use that.

  • I tried uploading ACF Pro to our installation, activating it and deactivating the free version, but our fields didn’t show up in the list.

  • Sorry for all the questions. I don’t usually have a problem doing the upgrade, but they sometimes happen.

    Do you mean the field groups do not show up in the admin in the list of field groups? or that the fields do not show up on the post page?

    If it’s the second, is it a post type edit page or an options page?

  • Hi John,

    Thanks for your help! It is the field groups that are not showing up when I activate ACF Pro.


  • Sorry to leave you hanging here, somehow my notification on this topic got turned off.

    I’m still not sure I understand what you mean when you say

    It is the field groups that are not showing up when I activate ACF Pro.

    This could be several things depending on where they are not showing up.

    When you click on the admin link for “Custom Fields” do they show up there?

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