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Control over the form layout?

  • Hi there,

    Great plugin! I’m new to wordpress and only have a pretty basic knowledge of php/html/css so please excuse me if it sounds like a silly question…

    I have created a frontend page (from your tutorial) for a custom post type with some custom fields. Its only at the basic stages but the form looks good and more importantly, it works!

    However, it is for a recipe site so there are quite a few fields (difficulty, prep time, cook time, etc) as such I’m looking to modify the layout of the form a bit – for example to put 3 mentioned select fields onto a single row.

    Is there a way to render the individual form fields so I can achieve this? If so could you point me in the right direction.

    In an ideal world I’d use gravity forms or something similar but from what I have read it might not be as easy as I’d like with repeater fields etc. Or would this be an easier route to go down? Bearing in mind I’m not much of a coder!

    Thanks in advance

  • Every field has a “class” attribute which can be used to control the styling. (This is in the Pro version of the plugin, I don’t know if this feature has been added to the free version yet.) I have standard classes like “left_half”, “right_half”, and “clear” that I can then style in the admin or on the front end to control the layout.

    Here’s a screenshot of the class attribute field, hope that helps.

  • Thanks – not sure how I missed that!

  • I’ve just found this old topic.

    I’ve tried this out, but adding percentages fails when I need to have the form fields occupy more than a single row. If the percentages add up to more than 100%, the form fields end up squeezed into a single row anyway.

    How can I make the ACF form fields wrap?

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