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Content disappearing on save

  • I’m having an issue where I can see the content in my page admin, but when I save it, the page reloads and many of the fields (WYSIWYG in particular) are blank. It’s happening to me on 2 different versions of wordpress and I haven’t heard back from their support team. Any ideas here on what’s causing this?

    I’ve deactivated all plugins but ACF, I’m on the latest ACF and yet the fields are still blank.

  • What type of fields are we talking about, other than it being a wysiwyg field. Are these fields sub fields in a repeater or a flex field?

  • They’re wysiwyg fields within flex fields. I think the data is still being stored, it just loads an empty editor in admin and displays all my code around my loops on the templates without showing what’s in them

  • Do you have a lot of layouts on the page with a lot of other fields besides the fields that are missing the data? If you have a lot of fields then you could be running into a php max_input_vars issue. Try installing this plugin. It will give you a warning if the page has more fields than you can submit on your server

  • I installed the plugin and it didn’t give me any errors. I also increased my limit to 2000 without any success.

  • I had duplicate fields loading because of not assigning the fields to the right templates / pages. Seems cleared up now.

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