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Confusing for Noob

  • Just upgraded from the free version to the Pro version and I’m enjoying the flexible content field. There was just one point of confusion on the use of the output function “get_row_layout()”. When “layouts” have a layout (table, block, row) it wasn’t immediately clear which “layout” the function gets. It took me a while before I caught on to the idea that the function actually gets the name of the layout rather than the layout of the layout. It’s obvious that it has to be that way but I was scratching my head for a while…

  • Hi @lflier

    I believe the layouts you mentioned is the layouts from the repeater field. The flexible content field doesn’t use the table, block, and row layout on the settings, but the layout that you set by yourself.

    I hope this clears things up 🙂

  • Got it. Thanks.

    The flexible content field is really powerful but a little more complex than ordinary fields. In terms of documentation, DIY developers like myself (i.e., people building or modifying themes for their own sites) might benefit from a few videos that talk you through setting up the fields in the ACF editor, using them in the WordPress editor, and then getting output through a page template.

    ACF Pro is brilliant — especially for building landing pages — but it requires a bit of work to get it going in a theme. A few video tutorials would go a long way toward making it more accessible to the DIY developer crowd — especially if you could target it to users of particular development frameworks, like Genesis.

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