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Conflict with ZipList plugin

  • Hi,

    I can replicate the following on a new installation of WordPress, latest version of ACF enabled, and latest version of enabled.

    With both plugins enabled, create/edit a post, ensure the Text editor is selected, and click the Add Recipe button. Upon filling in information, and clicking Add Recipe, nothing happens.

    With ACF disabled, the ZipList plugin inserts a shortcode into the editor as expected.

    The ZipList plugin uses the following js to detect whether the Visual or Text editor is being shown:

    if ( typeof tinyMCE != 'undefined' && ( ed = tinyMCE.activeEditor ) && !ed.isHidden() ) {

    That is returning true with ACF enabled, and false with ACF disabled.

    Any ideas which side the bug is on, or any quick fixes?

  • OK, it looks like when the Text editor is selected, tinyMCE.activeEditor returns an ACF settings editor. Adding:


    to the Ziplist code seems to work – though is that the best option in general?

  • Hi @TripleM

    Thanks for the bug report. It seems that because ACF creates a hidden WYSIWYG on the page (required for the WYSIWYG to work), the active editor variable is being set to this hidden field instead of the main content area…

    If you were to first click in the main WYSIWYG, then click the shortcode button, does it work correctly?

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