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Conditional logic will not work

  • When we use ACF 5.3.1 along with Woocommerce Ticket ( ), the conditional logic gets broken.

    The class .hidden-by-conditional-logic, which is supposed to hide elements, just does not add to elements.

    Can you advice how to resolve this conflict?

  • You’re going to need to find out what the JavaScript conflict might be. It could be a JS error in the other plugin causing it or it might be a filter conflict.

    If you can’t get any response from the other plugin author you can try submitting a support ticket

  • Hi John,

    Thanks for the reply.

    It does not seem like a JS error because the console is empty.

    I am trying to contact the other plugin author, but still received no response so I created a ticket.

  • Hi guys,
    I bumped into the similar issue and was lucky to find the troublemaker.
    In wp-admin conditional logic won’t work, no matter what type of trigger field I set (radio, checkbox, true/false). There were no JS errors in Console. But I digged deeper and found out the problem was in active theme settings to jQuery loading. Exactly, it was defered onload in admin O_o.
    Fixing this resolved the problem with conditional logic for me.

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