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Conflict with Relevanssi

  • I just discovered a conflict with the Relevanssi plugin I thought you should know about. This began after updating to ACF 4.4.0.

    If the “Use search for admin” option is checked in Relevanssi, the Relationship fields in ACF fail to pull in any posts to select from. They show up on the post edit page, but the left column that should contain a list of posts is just empty.

    See attached image for an example.

    Rolling back to ACF 4.3.9 resolved the issue for me.

  • I’m having the same issue with the latest versions of Relevanssi (3.3.8) and ACF (

    If I check “Use search for admin” in Relevanssi and add a Post Objects custom field, any search I try in the Post Objects field returns “No matches found”

  • I have witnessed the same problem. Switching off Relevanssi backend searching makes the relationship field selection show correctly when editing a post in the backend.

    We need this to work so have rolled back ACF.

  • Sorry, I should have said that we are running Relevanssi Premium 1.12.1

    The bug doesn’t show with ACF 4.3.9. It does show with ACF 4.4.1

  • This seems to be the same problem that we found with Relevanssi Premium and ACF Pro (v5) a few months back – now showing itself with ACF version 4.4.1

    The Relevanssi developer replied then see

    which recommends some code to be added to functions.php

    I have just tried that and it works for this latest version of ACF 4 too (i.e. using Relevanssi on the backend admin does not interfere with ACF listing relational fields).

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