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Conflict with Mediapress?

  • I am getting an error on some pages:

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'Library' of undefined - acf-input.min.js

    It happens after I activate the Mediapress plugin. I found a two year old thread for two different plugins, same error, that said

    The problem is that [ plugin 1 ] is loading the WP media-editor.js file before the theme does, this makes the “wp” object unavailable for [ plugin 2 ].

    Is there something I can do?
    Is this a Mediapress issue or ACF issue? Neither?

    [ Latest WP, BP and BBP ]

  • Hi @andrewgtibbetts

    I’m afraid I had a hard time to reproduce this issue. Could you please tell me the detailed steps to reproduce it? If you can share some screenshots, that would be great too!


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  • Thanks, James.
    I just private posted a link and creds to login.
    It seems to only occur in the Buddypress areas (Groups and Members).

  • So, I’m working with Brajesh of BuddyDev on this and he wants to know

    …in which file they (ACF) are loading the media dependency js files.

  • I have found the reason.
    To make ACF’s acf_form() work, acf_form_head() needs to be called.
    I was calling it without any checks for environment at the top of my buddypress.php master template file.
    I have now reduced it’s call only to where I have acf forms and things seem to be working again.
    Sorry for the run-around.

  • Facing the same problem.I think your advice will work in my case.

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