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Conflict with Latest Version of the Events Calendar Plugin

  • Hi,

    I have two client sites where the ACF plugin is having conflicts with the Events Calendar plugin’s version 4.6.4.

    Certain fields like the SELECT dropdown, Page Link, Post Object and so on are not displaying and functioning as expected. Multiple freeform textboxes are being displayed instead (screenshot attached –

    The example (screenshot) is within the Edit Page admin UI, where ACF fields were added for additional content for Page post-object. This Edit Page UI does not have any component from the Events Calendar plugin within it. However, the problem occurs as soon as the calendar plugin is activated. We tried with multiple version (rolled back) of ACF but the problem persisted.

    When we rolled back the Events Calendar Plugin to 4.6.3 (previous version), the problem is fixed. However, we cannot continue to use this version for that long as other plugins from Modern Tribe also need updates and sometimes their plugins need to be updated together to maintain compatibility.

    Please help.


  • I’m sure you’ve gotten this fixed by now, but just wanted to chime in that this was not an issue with Advanced Custom Fields. It was an issue with Events Calendar and their update. It not only broke ACF, but dozens if not hundreds of other plugins that use the Select2 js library.

    They were made aware of it pretty quickly with tons of support requests and released a patch that fixed the issue. If you still don’t have it working I’d suggest contacting Tribe Events Calendar, as their plugin is the one that broke things.

  • Thanks for the info!

  • I have noticed the issue has been resolved recently with an update Though, we have not done a formal QA yet.

    Thank you for bringing the cause to our attention. At least it tells us which avenue to pursue.


  • No problem, just wanted to point in the right direction if you still had issues. The support forums were flooded with posts about plugins that broke when EC updated, WooCommerce, Yoast SEO, just to name a couple of big ones. Basically any plugin that used Select2 js library. I have no idea what the actual issue was, but I know they fixed it with the patch pretty quickly.

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