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Conflict with directory theme

  • Hello,

    I’m using AIT Theme “businessfinder”. It’s a directory theme with google maps.

    And in the functions.php this code loads google maps api:

    function aitAdminEnqueueScriptsAndStyles()
    		'ait-googlemaps-api' => array('file' => '', 'deps' => array('jquery')),
    		'ait-jquery-gmap3'   => array('file' => THEME_JS_URL . '/libs/gmap3.min.js', 'deps' => array('jquery', 'ait-googlemaps-api')),
    add_action('admin_enqueue_scripts', 'aitAdminEnqueueScriptsAndStyles');

    Now I created a second custom post_type and I want to put ACF Goole Maps in it.
    But because of that loading of the google maps api in the functions.php the Google Maps field of ACF doesn’t work.
    When I delete this code:

    'ait-googlemaps-api' => array('file' => '', 'deps' => array('jquery')),

    then ACF Google Maps field work fine!
    But then all maps in the backend of the theme doesn’t work.

    Where can I disable the Google Maps Api in the plugin files of ACF?
    Perhaps this would solve my problem. I think, here is a conflict, because the script is loaded twice.

    Or does anybody knows a better working solution?

    Best regards,

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