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Conflict when using jQuery('#xx').submit()

  • Hello,

    I’m using a plugin (LocateAnything) that’s sending data throught a FORM POST on a Custom Post Type.

    The problem is that is the event submit form is attached to ACF, and when this code is executed :


    ACF is saving the custom post artilce like if a click was done on the wordpress save button (to save the custom post type article).

    Who I can prevent this issue ?

    Looking the ACF code in caf-input.js i have :

    line 11239

    submit_form: function( e ){
      // bail early if this form does not contain ACF data
      if( !e.$el.find('#acf-form-data').exists() ) {
      console.log("no acf-form-data");
      return true;
      // prevent default
      // run validation
      this.fetch( e.$el );

    Even if i have no ACF data there is no bail, and the function still continue to it’s end.

    – There is a javascript way to remove the ACF listener on “submit form” ?
    – There is a way in php to prevent acf to load his script on this custom post type ?

    Thank you !

  • Please can you give me somes tips to prevent this side effect ?

    Thank you 🙂

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