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Conflict between WPML and ACF

  • Hi!

    First of all, thanks for the greatest WordPress-plugin there is. Where would I be without it?

    Second of all, to the bug thats quite annoying, and sorry if I post it in this forum instead of WPML. Don’t know who’s responsible for the bug.

    Anyway, when I have created a field group with a WYSIWYG-field that is attached to a taxonomy term and when I try to edit this field in the taxonomy I can’t switch between text and visual because of this JS error:

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property ‘id’ of undefined

    The problem goes away if i deactivate WPML, but shouldn’t these two work together?

    Just a small “bug”. 🙂

  • Hi @henricakesson

    Thank you I’m sure Elliot appreciate that! I love the plugin too 😉

    I think this is a bug in ACF and I’m pretty sure it’ve worked before.
    I will notify Elliot of this on github and link back here so he can reply if he needs more info.

    As you say ACF should be compatible with WPML but then again they’re both fairly complex so I guess things break with updates to either. I got my own headaches with WPML and my plugins so I know the feeling..

  • Hi @henricakesson

    Thanks for the bug report.

    I believe this issue is caused by the way WPML add’s it’s language switcher to the taxonomy edit page.

    Instead of appending a ‘tr’ element, it clones the last ‘tr’ elmeent in the table.
    In your case, this last element is a WYSIWYG field.
    In cloning this field, WPML is causing ACF to initialize a WYSIWYG field on an element which does not exist.

    Can you please contact WPML and ask them to look into this issue?
    It would solve the problem completely if they added a standard ‘tr’ element, not cloning the last element.

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