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conditionnal fields in backend

  • Hi,

    I thought it would be very easy to do that, but I don’t find how. I have to make an EDM (Electronic Document Management). For that, I created a file field, two taxonomies and some other fields. But depending of the first taxonomy choice, I would like to show differents fields.

    Unfortunately, conditionnal logic seems to be only possible with radio button.

    How can I do that ?

    PS : I bought ACF PRO. Sincerely, I prefer list without AJAX, because small searching delay is troublesome.

  • I am also interested in doing this, @alysko did you come up with any resolution to this?

    *Also on ACF PRO*



  • I did this recently by splitting them up into multiple field groups. The first group is a taxonomy radio field. Then I have several other field groups which are conditional based on the taxonomy of the pgae. Here’s a quick video of what I mean.

  • Would be great if we could have conditional logic on other fields as well, at least something like if textfield != ”

  • @alanjuden : as @Dalton said, it’s unfortunately impossible to do that in a same group field.
    So, you have to create different group fields, which is stupid because if you have many fields and want to use conditional logic several times, you have to make lots of group.

    For example, if you have :
    Field 1
    if (Field 1 = N) : Field 2
    Field 3
    Field 4

    You must create 3 groups (field 1, field 2 and field 3+4) because you want field 2 to be display after field 1.Otherwise, field 2 would be display after field 4.

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