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Conditionial frontend output

  • Hi,

    This should be super simple, but after much searching, I still couldn’t figure it out:

    How can I make the output of a field in the frontend conditional?
    The condition would be the content of another field, such as a checkbox or date fields.

    Each field has a setting for Conditional Logic, but that seems to affect only visibility in the backend.

    On this particular site I’m working on, I’m using WPBakery, but that shouldn’t really matter.


  • Actually, using a page builder like WPBakery will make a big difference. conditionally showing a value based on another value will require custom php code or some type of coding option or conditional templating tags provided by the builder. I cannot give you any information on how to use your page builder, for that you would need to contact support for that page builder of find a user forum where you can ask for help with the page builder.

    Using PHP code would look something like this

    if (get_field('not_this_field') == 'some_value') {
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