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Conditionals within a repeatable row

  • Hello. I am not sure what field type to choose. Basically we want to create a repeatable set of items. When an end user adds a repeatable item, we want him to choose the type in the first field. Depending on this value we want to show the next few items in this repeatable row. Is this conditionality possible?

    Just to illustrate this:


    First, select type of race [ Weekend / Social / Oxford ]

    If Oxford selected
    Show 2 text boxes and 1 dropdown

    If Social selected
    Show 3 text boxes

    If Weekend selected
    Show 5 dropdowns with pre-determined values

  • Hi,
    probably you need much selfcoding.

    Create for every Choice a Field Group.

    Populate your Select field manually.
    Here an example

    Then use the filters of ACF
    Under Hooks and Filters

    Use the acf_load filter to populate the select field. To trigger on Select here is an other post. Link

  • As @UKF says, yes, it’s possible.

    Create a radio field with the first 3 choices and then make the remaining fields conditional based on the radio field.

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