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Conditionally Show Content

  • Hi,

    On single posts we list opportunities for people to sign up to something, which eventually fill up or expire. We don’t want to delete the pages once they expire, for SEO and other reasons. Instead I’d like to display a standard message at the top of the post letting people know it’s expired and redirecting them elsewhere. I was hoping to use ACF to implement this.

    I created 2 fields. The first is a radio button status field with options for active or expired. The second is a WYSIWIG field with the default expired message. The second field only shows in the post edit area if it’s status is set to expired.

    If I include the WYSIWIG field at the top of the post via shortcode, it will display as soon as that custom field is created. I’d like to include the shortcode at the top of all our posts. Is there some way to have that field only displayed if the status field is set to expired?

    I’d prefer to not edit the theme templates if possible.

    Many thanks for any suggestions!

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