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Conditionally pulling a Ninja Table

  • Hi there,

    I’ve heard ACF may provide what we are after, but before purchasing I have a qusetion:

    We have 200+ Printer pages, which have 10 tables (Ninja tables) on the page.

    The 10 tables have different products, such as delivery options, installation, inks etc.

    We are looking to make 1 single printer layout (using Divi, which we can do), but the issue lies with how to pull the tables conditionally.

    Can someone explain how we can:
    Use ACF to conditionally show the correct table type.

    The table titles have the type included, ie, inks, as well as the SKU for the printer which perhaps can be used as part of this?

    Any advice as to whether ACF can offer this would be extremely appreciated.

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