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Conditionally autoload Local JSON for individual subsites? (multisite config)

  • I am creating a network of sites in a multisite install of WordPress. All of these sites share the same theme, and should work nearly identical except for ONE of the websites where I need a custom Field Group to exist ONLY for that single site. So for six JSON files inside the theme’s /acf-json/ folder, I only want to load FIVE of them everywhere and load the 6th only for my “template/admin” site that all others are managed from.

    Local JSON seems like a great way to implement ACF across my network because it takes care of distributing the field groups for me, with far less overhead in the future if I ever need to make modifications to the Field Groups as well (no need to re-export + re-add the PHP to the theme, or re-export + re-add the JSON files manually to a location where I could load them from).

    Is there a simple way that I can let Local JSON do its job, but still do something like …

    if ( 2 != get_current_blog_id() ) { 
        // Skip loading one particular ACF Field Group 

    My searches of the documentation and google have come up fruitless, unfortunately, but I was hoping someone here may be able to help. Thanks!

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