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Conditional taxonomy

  • Hello,
    Is it possible to have taxonomies that are different or not visible depending on another taxonomy selected in my edit page ?

    For instance, i have two taxonomies TYPES and PIECES :

    1. type#1
    2. type#2
    3. …
    4. type#10

    1. pieces#1
    2. pieces#2
    3. …
    4. pieces#20

    If i select type#2 , only piece#3 to piece#7 should be visible and selectable.


  • Hi Pipoulito,

    You have two solutions i’m familliar with to do it dynamically:

    • Using Javascript to change the “PIECE” choice by using the WP ‘admin_footer’ action to put some javascript in backend.
    • Create several “PIECE” fields and use the logical condition in the field settings to display the good one depending on the “TYPE” value.

    It depend on you.

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