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Conditional shortcodes

  • Hi.
    On a site using Visual Composer I want to not just omit outputting a field if it has no value but the whole row it is in. I thought this were something certainly included in ACF but couldn’t find it. So that’s the most basic thing I came up with:

    // [acfcond field='']foobar[/afccond]
    function acfcond($atts = [], $content = null)
        $atts = array_change_key_case((array)$atts, CASE_LOWER);
            $content = do_shortcode($content);
            $content = '';
        return $content;
    add_shortcode('acfcond', 'acfcond');

    This way I can wrap text and also text containing other shortcodes as used in e.g. Visual Composer. If the specified field has no value, then the parts enclosed by this shortcode won’t be shown.

    So… is there something built in to do this (probably better and smarter)? If not, are there better ways anyone has come up with?

    Best regards

  • Hi Floutsch,
    I don’t know if there is a better solution but yours works perfectly for me and totally solved my issue. Thank you!!!

  • There is not built in solution for this. ACF only provides a simple shortcode for basic field types. Anything more than this you need to code yourself, as in this case. It looks like a good solution to me.

  • @elliot Still think this would be a nice addition to the plugin. I know my code isn’t that fancy but if you want to take it from there, I’d be honored 🙂

  • Your best hope of getting this to E would be here

    However, I wouldn’t count on it. There are existing plugins that will help with this type of thing, I’ve never used them but elementor has been mentioned on this forum. ACF itself is focused more on devs that use it by modifying or building custom template files.

  • I want to display product attributes and add the attributes label before, so i need a conditional to embed the label and shortcode to hide the label if the product has no attribute.

  • The conditional shortcode consists of an opening and closing shortcode,

  • You made it so simple I really appreciate your work

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