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Conditional logic using taxonomies

  • Hi, I had been using the ACF Conditional Taxonomy Rules plugin to allow me to use conditional logic based on the selected taxonomy value of another field in a field group. This stopped working when I upgraded ACF Pro to 5.7, but I read that 5.7 included lots of lovely new conditional logic stuff so I figured I would be OK to just deactivate the extra plugin and use the new conditional logic support.

    However, there doesn’t seem to be a way of saying “show this field if the taxonomy id selected in this other field is equal to N”. Instead, I have to use “show this field if the taxonomy id selected in this other field is less than N+1 and greater than N-1.

    This seems crazy – what am I missing?!

  • I’m looking for a solution as well. I have a Taxonomy Field and some Clone Fields and want to show a Clone Field depending on the selected taxonomy.

    Let’s say I have the taxonomies “Books”, “Videos” and “Music”. If I select “Books” as the taxonomy I want to show the Clone fields for Books; if i select “Videos” I ant to show the Clone fields for Videos…

    My idea was to create a new conditional rule with the new ACF 5.7 possibilities but I have no idea how to create a function that would add this new conditional logic.

    Maybe someone got the idea how to do this – Thanks

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