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Conditional Logic for Repeater Sub Fields

  • I seem to be running into a lot of instances lately where this would make my life a whole lot easier.

  • It’d be a nice feature indeed.. I can see how it’d be a bit harder to implement tho since the logic would have to check for just the other fields in that particular “repeat”.. I can also imagine it’d be a bit slow on huge repeaters

  • Hi @Hube2

    This is on the to-do

  • This would also be very helpful for Flexible Content Fields. I’m working on an interface for a client, but it’s a bit overwhelming because ALL options are shown rather than just those relevant to what they’ve selected.

    Looking forward to this feature, thanks

  • Ok elliot, I have to tell you this 🙂
    I’am a webdevelopper since a long time now..
    Used ALLOT of content management systems, lightweight to heavyweight.
    A long time ago I wanted to see what WordPress would do for me..
    I was very very very disappointed, TILL I came across your plugin..
    Dude, it rocks!!! But, a few days ago I needed something (your repeater addon)
    I was looking and looking how to solve this particular problem I had…
    You guessed right 😉 I found your addon, and I went crazy to see the possibilities with this and how much time it would save me in the future!!!
    For now I have 1 and I know for sure, 1 more request.
    It’s the conditional logic within the repeater addon!

    Dude, if you manage to build this feature, you’ve customized WordPress single handed to operate like a very very heavy CMS but handles like the most lightweight CMS out there!

    Thumbs up man, you made webdevelopment alot easier for me, and I know, lots more people 🙂 !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hi @nappi86

    Thanks for the awesome message!

    I have some good news for you. I currently have sub field conditional logic working!, however, I need more time to test and refine the code before releasing it as a beta.

    I’ll be in touch when it’s ready!


  • That’s great to hear, thanks Elliot.

  • Where’s my like button!?

    Awesome work! Very excited for its release. 🙂

  • just bought the repeater addon today and i am also anticipating this. it really junks up the process for my client when i can’t make fields in the repeater conditional.

  • I also cannot express myself enough to explain how your plugin made my life as a developer simpler and more fun!!! And like @nappi86 said…you single-handedly took WordPress to another level. They should give you credit for that and a chair in their office 🙂

    I have all the addons you created and this is the first time since a lot of websites developed that a client is asking me for exactly the conditional logic in repeater subfields.

    I hope that you will update the plugin soon cause i have one month to deliver this project and it really needs that feature…so no pressure hehehe!

    Again, Thank You Elliot

  • Any update on this? Really would love to use this feature in my current project. 🙂

  • As per
    This article sounds like we can expect it pretty soon.

    Now, back to work on conditional / required sub fields in Version 4.3.0!

  • Must be very soon by now!
    +1 on this feature request

  • Hey guys

    Conditional logic is looking like it is complete! But before I release it, we need to do lots of testing.

    If you are able, please signup to beta testing and download the Beta Repeater field here:


  • Hi Elliot,

    I’ve already subscribed to beta testing but I still can’t access to the topics nor find the beta version to download.


  • Please approve me for the beta testing forum

  • Hi guys

    Yep, I’ll review the beta requests and get them approved today


  • Elliot, I submitted my information to join your beta program so I can help out with this. Would it be possible for you to approve my request?

    Looking forward to it!

  • Hi guys

    Great news. ACF 4.3.0 is out with conditional logic for sub fields.

    Thanks for all your help

  • Hey Elliot, This new conditional logic feature doesn’t seem to be working for me.

    I’ve upgraded to 4.3.1 and 1.1.1 for the ACF plugin and repeater field. The conditional logic toggle appears inside the repeater, but the select box only says “undefined”.

    I do have another field within the repeater that’s already defined and I’ve tried setting it to select and radio types but neither seems to help.

  • Hi @alanevanson

    Thanks for the bug report. I can’t reproduce the error on my end. Are you able to email me [email protected] with login details and a link to this thread?

    I’ll login and take a look


  • Hey Elliot, thanks for looking into this. I was able to resolve the issue by adding a parent-level conditional, after which I could see the parent and sibling level options. I then deleted the parent level option and the sibling one continued to work. I just tried to set up a new field to try duplicating the issue but I can’t seem to get it to show up again.

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