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Conditional logic changes field value ?

  • Hi there,

    First of all, sorry if I’m not very clear on what I’m trying to do, English isn’t my native language. 🙂


    I created a select field with 3 choices on the back-end and want that depending on the choice made, values from fields I created below change automatically.

    I use Divi and their Dynamic Content to populate the values on the front-end and already tried something that did not work:
    I created 3 groups representing the choices and filled them all with the same fields and field names but with different values. I made the right group visible on back-end with conditional logic, but what I saw is that the field name contains the group field name (“group-field-name_field-name”) therefor divi can’t look only at the “field-name” value.
    I tried without groups, but creating different fields with the same “field-name” doesn’t work even if I try to show/hide them with conditional logic.

    Thank you for helping me with this one !

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