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Conditional logic bug – disappeared text areas

  • I noticed yesterday that conditional logic is no longer working. All the sudden my radio button, using conditional logic, has disappeared. When refreshing you could see it disappear so I inspected the element and realized all of the fields said ‘hidden conditional logic’. I went in and randomly the radio button had been set to conditional logic (it was working before and I definitely did not do that) so I took it off conditional logic and everything appeared, except for the text areas. When inspecting the element, they all say ‘hidden conditional logic’. For instance, one of the hidden text boxes says ‘acf-field acf-field-textarea acf-field-5589732a25f28 hidden-by-conditional-logic’. I have no idea why this was randomly applied but I cannot take these other elements off conditional logic because that’s the reason I’m using them – as text areas to appear under the radio button.

  • Going to need more information. It sounds like the field keys for the conditional logic were somehow changed. Did you recently change something, add a plugin, move the fields.

    Are you using ACF5? If you are can you attach an export of the field group. If you’re using ACF4 can you do a php export and either post it or save it as a text file and attach that.

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