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Conditional Logic between fields not working

  • Hi,

    In the admin (not on the front-end/template), I’m trying to display a field only if another field (checkbox or select) is equal to a value, but it’s not working at all.

    1. I’m missing something probably, I can’t really find documentation about that, but I’m sure I managed to do it previously, and I’m maybe doing something wrong, what I understand is that if you tick or untick (or select) a tick-box the conditional field should show/hide.


    2. It’s not working at all.

    On the first screenshot, you can see the conditional logic : show this field if Widget Type is equal to Video.

    On the second screenshot, you can see that the Widget Type selected is “Video” but my field is not showing, I can tick or untick the Video tick-box, nothing happens, and there is not javascript error in the console.

  • This problem usually means that there is some type of JavaScript error, possibly caused by conflicts in the theme or other plugins.

  • I am having the same issue. Looks like radio choice is the issue. If I change to select box the field will show up correctly based on the choice.

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