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Conditional Logic between field groups

  • Hi everyone,

    I have found an issue which might be quite isolated as I am using the old ACF Live Edit which is no longer supported but wonder if this is a bug nonetheless?

    If I have a field ‘banner_image’ in two field groups and in one field group I set the field to only show thanks to conditional logic the same field in the other field group is also hidden. This only happens when using ACF Live Edit.

    The one field group appears in posts, the other in a custom post type.

    Interesting that ACF Live Edit is pulling this conditional logic from another field group, possibly the logic behind live edit is just pulling in the field by name rather than key? Not sure anyway thought I’d share this in case anyone else encountered it.

    Realise ACF Live Edit is no longer supported so bug might be completely isolated to this extension.

    If anyone is still using Live Edit let me know as love to collaborate on keeping it going in some capacity with the ACF team’s blessing.

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