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Conditional Logic and required fields

  • I have a select with two possible values, that serves as conditional logic for two other fields (taxonomy fields). Select option one should display the first taxonomy field, option two should display the second one. Both of those taxonomy fields are required. Since the latest update of ACF 5.6.6, the fields stay required, even though they aren’t displayed because of their conditional logic.

  • Hi Rasso

    Thanks for the email,
    Elliot here – ACF dev​​​.

    Can you please export your field group to .json and attach to your reply?
    I would like to test your setup and find a fix.

    I’ve just worked on a hotfix for another conditional logic problem that affects the flexible content ‘table’ layout – this might be related.

  • Hi Elliot,

    here is the field group’s json.


  • Hi Rasso

    Thanks for the attachment. i have just tried your field group but am unable to find any faults when submitting a post.

    Can you please put together some screenshots + instructions to replicate the issue?


  • Hi Elliot,

    that’s so weird – now I also can’t reproduce the issue anymore. Yesterday, I switched my modules layouts from table to row, because in the table layout mode the conditional logic wasn’t working at all anymore. At least that I can still reproduce today. How to reproduce:

    – switch the ‘Category List’ Module to table-layout
    – now the taxonomy select doesn’t have any effect anymore, it’s always showing the category tax field

  • Hi @rasso

    Thanks for the reply.
    Yes, this makes sense.

    We found a conditional logic issue affecting the ‘table’ layout in flexible content fields.
    This has been patched and the plugin files have since been updated.

    Can you please re-download the plugin and test that it is working?

    An easy way to re-download is to edit the main acf.php plugin file and change the version number ‘5.6.6’ down to ‘5.6.5’
    – please note the version number appears twice in this file and both will need to be changed
    – after this change is made, please update the plugin as per normal and it will update to 5.6.6 (including the new fix)​​​

    Keep me posted.


  • Thanks Elliot, that fixed it!

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