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Conditional Fields within Flexible Content

  • I’ve wanted to utilize the Flexible Content add-on more because I feel it has a lot of potential. What’s holding me back is the absence of Conditional logic for fields within a flexible content field type.

    Conditional fields would enable me to add options for various element layouts, colors and configurations. Right now, the user would see all those fields at once and be overwhelmed. Let me know if you have any questions on this functionality!


  • Hi Devin,

    I think the main issue here is that the way the current conditional logic is working is that it checks for the specific fields and the requirements.. however in a repeater field or flexible field there’s (theoretically) infinite numbers of the same field. So in order for the conditional logic to work the code for checking this would have to be able to operate within just it’s own set of fields when a new “fieldgroup” is added in a flexible field..

    It’s a bit confusing I know but I think you get my point 🙂

    Now I’m not saying it would be impossible to do but it could be very hard (or fairly easy for that matter) to do! I couldn’t tell without digging through alot of ACF core 🙂

  • Hi guys.

    Conditional logic is coming to sub fields very soon!


  • That’s great news! I can’t wait. Best. plugin. ever.

  • Currently on the To-Dos it says that conditionals will be added to Repeater fields. Does that mean that the next release will allow conditionals for both Repeater AND Flexible content? I just want to clarify. I’m setting up a site’s backbone right now and wonder how I should handle it efficiently.

    By the way, thank you for such an amazing plugin. You are the man!

  • Hi @acktacky

    Repeater field will receive this functionality first, followed by flexible content.

    I am not sure on the timings. Could be weeks, could be a month.


  • Thank is fine, I just wanted clarification. 🙂 Thank you for your response!

  • I need a temporary solution, even a dirty one. I handled when option is changed with this:

    (function($) {
    	$(document).on("change", "[data-field_name=collection_type]", function(){
    		$checked = $(this).find("input:checked");

    I couldnt catch if data is already saved and window loaded. Any suggestion if possible?

  • As an owner of both the Flexible Content and Repeater add-ons, I just want to add my excitement to the chorus.

    Thanks Elliot!

  • Looking forward to this being available!

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