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Conditional Field Groups Don't Load On Gutenberg (ACF PRO 5.7.1)

  • Hi there — I have a couple conditional field groups that show up for specific categories. I am testing out Gutenberg, and have noticed two problems and a couple peculiarities:

    * All field groups show up in the editor, even before I’ve set category.
    * Only the field group headers show up — the contents therein are empty (with just a spinning wheel to denote where the contents should be).
    * Non-conditional field groups show up fine.
    * One of the field groups showed up twice. This field group had two different rules for it being displayed (i.e. “if category A” or “if category B”)
    * It also displayed the header for my global options, which is set to only show up on the options page, and not on “create new post.”
    * If editing an already-created post, the conditional field groups would load properly if they’d already been filled out. However, the field groups that shouldn’t have shown up for a specific post would also show up, as just a loading icon (i.e. Field Group 1 should only show for Category A; it shows up for Category B too).

    The console gives the following error four times (there are two errors for each field group it attempts to load.

    ERROR 1
    The hook name can only contain numbers, letters, dashes, periods and underscores.
    u @ index.js:1
    (anonymous) @ index.js:1
    add_action @ acf-input.min.js:1
    _add_action @ acf-input.min.js:1
    (anonymous) @ acf-input.min.js:1
    each @ load-scripts.php?c=0…lupload&ver=4.9.8:2
    extend @ acf-input.min.js:1
    (anonymous) @ acf-pro-input.min.js:1
    (anonymous) @ acf-pro-input.min.js:1

    ncaught TypeError: acf.newPostbox is not a function
    at post-new.php:516
    (anonymous) @ post-new.php:516

    Error two repeats in the same file, at lines 516, 528, 540, 552, 570, 2047, 2059, 2071, and 2293.

    • sebfck

    • October 29, 2018 at 7:25 am

    Did you ever sort this out? I’m having similar issues with gutenberg and afc

  • same issue here @jasonporath

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