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Condition on an image field for no logged users

  • Hello,

    I’m using ACF pro, I created a frontend form, everything is working great.

    I try to explain clearly my problem:

    1. I have an Image field “image” (a File field get the same problem) and a conditional field after it “image_check”

    2. If image has any value, image_check should appear.

    If the user is logged in, no problem, I can chose a file on the WordPress media library. And image_check is displayed.

    BUT if the is user is not logged in, if I chose a file image_check doesn’t display.

    Is anybody here has an idea? Thank you.

  • Noone could help? If you need more informations or screenshots tell me please 🙂

  • The reason for no response from anyone is that there isn’t a way to do this using ACF conditional logic with users that are not logged in. You will not be able to use conditional logic on image fields on front end forms in this case.

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