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Computed url in post admin?

  • I’m using the acf repeater and have a need to link to another edit url based on one of the repeating fields.

    In other words: user picks a date, and based on that date, I need to link to a rollup page for that month and day.

    There’s two issues with this, and I am interested in suggestions on both of them, since I am not very familiar with all that’s possible here:

    1) My repeater row is getting cramped. Adding another acf field to the row would make it even more squished. I think I’d prefer to add this as an annotation on one of the existing fields (perhaps below a check box).

    2) acf doesn’t provide any hooks that seem directly targeted at this.

    My current thought is that I might filter acf/pre_render_fields to build the url I need for and stash it in the $fields array, then either do something special at render time or something. Worst case, I create a new field type for this.

    (This approach requires the post be saved before these links would update or exist, but that’s acceptable, I think, for my situation.)

    But before I go overboard here, … does any of this sound sensible? I would rather not have to invent a wheel if it’s not needed…

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