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Composer support for premium add-ons

  • I’m using ACF with premium add ons with’s bedrock stack which uses Composer.

    I was able to add advanced custom fields to the composer.json file but I was not able to specify the latest version(v4.3.2). I had to specify “*” as the version. However, I was able to specify the latest release in github(v4.1.8) as a version. It seems there is a discrepancy between github and the latest available version. It would be nice if this was consolidated.

    As well, there is currently no way to use composer with the premium add ons.

  • Hi @aktive0

    Thanks for the issues.
    I am not familiar wil composer.json, perhaps you could explain what this is?

    I think the issue is that lately I have forgotten to add ‘tags’ to the github repo which I will soon do.


  • Thanks for the response. Composer is a php package manager. I’m in the process of developing a wordpress deployment workflow and I was evaluating’s bedrock stack which uses Composer. However, Composer doesn’t seem ready for primetime yet as well as the challenge of not being able to use paid plugins.

    Instead, I’m looking at wp-cli to script my deployments.

  • Hi @aktive0

    Thanks for the info. I must admit, I’m quite behind in a lot of the new development and deployment methods.

    I’ll add those missing tags soon.


  • Composer rules! Here’s more info:

    In the meantime I am using the following for the acf-repeater composer.json file.

      "name": "advancedcustomfields/repeater-field",
      "description": "Break free from static inputs and create multiple rows of loop-able data",
      "keywords": ["wordpress", "plugin", "advancedcustomfields", "acf", "repeater"],
      "homepage": "",
      "license": "This software is NOT to be distributed, but can be INCLUDED in WP themes: Premium or Contracted.",
      "authors": [
          "name": "Elliot Condon",
          "email": "[email protected]",
          "homepage": ""
      "type": "wordpress-plugin",
      "require": {
        "composer/installers": "v1.0.6"
  • Hi @nball

    Just wanted to jump in and let you all know that ACF v5 pro will be compatible with composer!

    I’ll even write up a tutorial for it in the near future.


  • ACF v5 pro

    Should we understand there will be a lite and a pro version? One free and one.. not that free?

    Any ETA for v5?

  • Hi @Ionut Staicu

    ACF5 will come in a free, and and a pro version.

    I will add in compatibility with composer, and hopefully the ETA is 1 month.
    I had hoped to have it out earlier, but support lately has taken up most of my dev time.


  • Thumbs up for Composer support!

  • Hi Elliot and ACF devs,

    I recently made the switch to ACF Pro and it’s great, I’m finding it much faster to work with and streamlining all addons into one plugin was a great step forward.

    I was wondering if there is any update on a Composer package?


  • I’m also interested in composer support. Having that would make ACF Pro even better then it already is!

  • I’ll add my vote here. I’m using the Bedrock system and would love to see a composer package for ACF Pro!

  • +1 for composer support. Right now I am about to abandon the option-tree options framework we were using till now in our themes ( in favor of the AFC.

    I want to have all my theme dependencies handled in the theme by composer, so it is easy them to update to the latest version. And also I don’t want to have all deps in my repo.

  • @elliot +1 from me too. Composer support would make life that much easier.

  • Hi guys,

    check my reply here for composer support, until we get the official instructions by Elliot.


  • +1 I’m migrating to Bedrock at the moment and would love this

  • +1 I’m using acf with composer through packagist, but I’ve put repeater-field in my repo. It’s one of the only dependencies that I’m keeping in the repo and while that’s not really an issue, it plays on my OCD anxiety that I don’t have a consistent approach. 😀

  • +1 composer support. Looking forward to!

  • Hi @elliot

    May I ask if there is an update regarding the composer support?

    For now I use Diego’s (@dmaxura) method. The only thing that bothers me (a little) is that I have to manually set the version number and cannot simply do a composer update.

    Thanks 🙂

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