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  • OMG! I don’t have words to say so amazing is this plugins! It’s the best plugin ever made!

    I want put a new input text in my comment form, how i can display this input in comment form and save value submited from users on field in ACF?

  • Hi @rhcarlosweb

    When creating a field group, just select the location rule: “Comment” = ‘All’.
    Your field group’s fields will now appear on the front end in any comment form!

    To display the comment data, you will need to follow this tutorial:


  • Thanks Elliot i will try

  • Elliot one question… and if i don’t use the default comment_form() i can insert in front-end form a input to save the value?



  • Hi @rhcarlosweb

    ACF will add custom field’s to the comment form via the actions:
    – comment_form_after_fields
    – comment_form_logged_in_after

    As long as the comment form triggers these actions, ACF will add the inputs.

  • Hi Elliot,
    Amazing plugin this. I am trying to add the custom fields to the comments form. You mentioned:

    > When creating a field group, just select the location rule: “Comment” = ‘All’.

    I could not find the location rule: “Comment”. The values I see in the dropdown are Basic, Post, Page and Other. Please let me know how to set this Location rule. Thanks once again.

  • I installed using wordpress and the version is 4.4.

  • Possible that its in ACF5. Is there any specific reason why AC5 has not been released yet. Is it stable enough for use ? If not, can I copy parts of the code to use it for comments.

    The feature I need is:

    I want to extend the Comments from to have a Title, Body, Image field. And later want to loop through the comments and show in the post page.

    I found the github link and downloaded the files just now.

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