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Comma separated values convert to arrays and store

  • Hi asking if it’s possible so that I can query posts using advanced custom fields single text field with comma separated values that can act like it can handle multiple values. I know how to explode and print using implode but whenever i query posts using two values and compare them using “IN” the posts that i wanted to show does not appear and they will only appear when i type all those strings. can someone help me how to achieve this? I just need this values to be separated from each other and dont act as a string. I tried the “LIKE” compare but doesnt seem to solve my issue.

  • Hi,
    im looking for function like that… did you already found the solution?

  • If you’re still looking for help on this, can you tell me what type of field you are searching? You say comma separated but I don’t know of any fields that save values in a comma separated format.

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