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Comma separated list with & for last value

  • Hi,

    I have a select field type in ACF with the ability to select multiple options.. Here’s the code I’m currently using to display a list of all the airports selected, separated with a comma:

    <?php $departure_airport_checked_values = get_field('departure_airport');
     if( count($departure_airport_checked_values)){
    							foreach($departure_airport_checked_values as $k=>$departure_airport_value){
    											if($k) echo ', ';
    												echo $departure_airport_value;

    This code would display like the following:

    Value 1, Value 2, Value 3, Value 4

    What I’m trying to do is replace the last comma with an & symbol, so the list looks like this:

    Value 1, Value 2, Value 3 & Value 4

    Additionally, if only two values are selected, display them like this:

    Value 1 & Value 2

    Any pointers, please?

    $value = get_field('departure_airport');
    $last_value = '';
    if (count($value) > 1) {
      $last_value = ' & '.array_pop($value);
    echo implode(', ', $value),$last_value;
  • Thanks, John, that worked perfectly. Much appreciated!

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