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Combining wp_kses with get_field

  • Hi,

    I know ACF came out with wp_kses on forms a while back, but I also know it doesn’t apply to get_field. How do I combine wp_kses with get_field correctly so that script tags etc. get stripped?

    Thanks so much.

  • To alter the formatted content that ACF returns you would us an acf/format_value filter for that field.

    wp_kses_post() will allow all tags that are allowed in post content. If you want to remove html tags then you would use wp_strip_all_tags() instead.

  • Hi @hube2, thanks so much for replying to my post. It looks like that’s exactly what I need. I will get cracking on this and let you know how I go.

  • Hi @hube2,

    I think I managed to implement this.

    The use case is website admins adding Team Members to the database using CPT + ACF. Admin columns are being populated with ACF data (I added wp_strip_all_tags). For the frontend I am using a post loop (I added wp_kses_post).

    How can I verify that this now works correctly? I did add a script tag before the div with the class bf-team-member-photo and it did not display in the frontend anymore when I added wp_kses_post.

    // Strip all HTML tags from ACF fields
    function bf_acf_kses( $value, $post_id, $field ) {
    	return do_shortcode( wp_strip_all_tags( $value ) );
    // Apply to text fields in Teamleden backend
    add_filter('acf/format_value/type=text', 'bf_acf_kses', 10, 3);
    // Populate columns for Teamlid CPT admin page
    function bf_populate_team_member_columns( $column, $post_id ) {
    	// Name
    	if ( 'name' === $column ) {
    		echo the_field( 'team_member_name' );
    	// Function
    	if ( 'function' === $column ) {
    		echo the_field( 'team_member_function' );
    	// Date added
    	if ( 'date_added' === $column ) {
    		echo get_the_date();
    add_action( 'manage_bf_team_member_posts_custom_column', 'bf_populate_team_member_columns', 10, 2);
    // Create Teamlid CPT shortcode
    function bf_team_members_shortcode() {
    	// Get the internal links CPT
    	$team_members = get_posts(
    			'numberposts' => -1,
    			'post_type' => 'bf_team_member',
    			'orderby' => 'menu_order',
    			'order' => 'ASC',
    	// Create an empty team member list
    	$team_list = array();
    	// Open unordered list element
    	echo '<ul class="bf-team-list">';
    	// Loop through the posts and build the team member list
    	foreach ( $team_members as $team_member ) {
    		$name = $team_member->team_member_name;
    		$function = $team_member->team_member_function;
    		$bio = $team_member->team_member_bio;
    		$photo_id = $team_member->team_member_photo;
    		$photo = wp_get_attachment_image( $photo_id, '360' );
    		$gif_id = $team_member->team_member_gif;
    		$gif = wp_get_attachment_image( $gif_id, '360' );
    		$team_list[] = '
    			<li class="et_pb_column bf-person-column bf-team-member">
    				<div class="et_pb_module et_pb_image bf-team-member-photo">
    					<span class="et_pb_image_wrap ">' . $photo . '</span>
    				<div class="et_pb_module et_pb_image bf-team-member-gif">
    					<span class="et_pb_image_wrap">' . $gif . '</span>
    				<div class="et_pb_module et_pb_text">
    					<div class="et_pb_text_inner">
    						<h3 class="bf-team-member-name">' . $name . '</h3>
    						<h4 class="bf-team-member-function">' . $function .'</h4>
    						<p class="bf-team-member-bio">' .  $bio . '</p>
    	// Get string from array
    	$team_list_html .= implode('', $team_list);
    	// Output link list, but strip all non-allowed tags first
    	echo wp_kses_post( $team_list_html );
    	// Close unordered list element
    	echo '</ul>';
    	return ob_get_clean();
    add_shortcode( 'team_members', 'bf_team_members_shortcode' ); 
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