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Combining Flexible Content

  • Hello,

    I’m using ACF’s Flexible Content as a layout method on my pages but there are certain plug-ins that hook into the_content (e.g. I’m using FD_Footnotes to scan through my text for a shortcode and converts them into endnotes). I can get it to scan my WYSIWYG fields (by editing the plugin or editing functions.php to filter out WYSIWYG as the_content). The problem is when I have more than one WYSIWYG field in my layout. They are each treated independently. Is there a way to loop through/store them first? Right now what is happening is each WYSIWYG block is getting its own set of footnotes with identical page-IDs etc.

  • Nevermind! Not really a solution to the general problem, but I ended up just running the footnoting script within the Flex-Content loop.

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