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Combining Custom Post Type with ACF

  • Hello,

    I am building a book publishing website in WordPress, with Elementor, Custom Post Types UI, and ACF. I have created the following Custom Post Types: Books, Authors.

    I’m creating the Books Single Post, and within this, I have created a few fields with ACF. On this Books Single Post page, I also need to be able to pull in Author Name and Author Bio. In some cases, the book may have more than one author. The Author Name needs to be a link that would take the user directly to the author page.

    On the author page, all of the books published by that author should automatically appear on the author page.

    The goal is also to allow my client to easily add in books and author information, so the solution should be something that would require them to have minimal knowledge of how to update the site with this information.

    How can I create this with ACF? Is there an extension I should purchase? What’s the best way to go on about this.

  • If you were building this by doing php coding to alter theme files that would be one thing. Adding Elementor to the mix changes it and it is highly dependent on that plugin.

    Excluding elementor, I would create a post type for books and a post type for authors and I would have a bidirectional relationship field to connect them. These post types might also have some custom taxonomies. Then I would code the templates to show the information.

    Beyond this you should look at documentation for Elementor or seek help from someone familiar with elementor.

  • I was able to accomplish this with a Dynamic Content plugin. Thanks for your guidance.

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