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Combining ACF with CPT

  • A. I have a CPT called: Cars. It contains a number of custom fields (ACF). I want to display within a specific page (catalog) all the paragraphs including the ACF of Cars. How do you do that? I manage to view the posts without the ACF.

    B. I have 2 CPTs on the site. CPT A contains a number of custom fields. CPT B contains a number of different fields. Is it possible to display within CPT B the ACF of CPT A?

  • You can use this plugin to easily display fields with a simple shortcode (like ‘[acf_views view-id=”x”]’), that can be pasted anywhere, including page editors. To display fields from another object, you should just pass an id of another object in this way ‘[acf_views view-id=”x” object-id=”ANOTHER_POST_ID”]’

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