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Columns in flexible content fields – dont exist

  • I just purchased ACF pro and I’m trying to do something that I think is pretty basic… In most of the demos they are able to put input boxes side by side using flexible content. In the demo video they have a “Column” field present where they enter in “45%” or whatever they want which gets their two text blocks to appear side by side in the page editor… am I missing something or has this functionality somehow changed

  • It’s hard to say by reading your explanation.

    There are some combination of layout options that will make the field widths not work. Tabs and/or labels aligned left can cause this. There may be other cases as well.

  • I troubleshot for an hour last night and set everything the exact way it is in the flexible fields demo – the “column” field never appears – is the video an older version or something?

    My main goal is to have the backend layout be similar to the front end layout for my client

    I’m trying to create 1 row with 4 content groupings so if you take 1 row and split it into 4 components.

    I’m able to force a row to take up 25% width but when I create another it stacks underneath it rather than getting added to the right side

    TL;DR – I’m trying to create side by side editable fields but “columns” as seen in the videos do not exist

    love the plugin otherwise it’s fantastic, I just really want to get this feature working

  • I don’t know what videos you are referring to, can you provide a link to one of them.

    To make “columns” you need to set the wrapper width attribute of the field. For example, if you want to show fields in 4 columns then you’d set the width of each field to 25%.

  • The videos I’ve been referring to are the ones in the ACF documentation – specifically
    The one for flexible fields .

    As for setting the wrapper element and then setting each field I’ve tried that and it doesn’t work , it just stacks them

  • In the video they are using a table layout to create columns.

  • I understand that , what I’m
    saying is even when I create a table layout in a flexible field as they have , there is no “column” field.

  • Yes, ACF has changed since that video was created. Wrapper Attributes: Width is where you can set the width of each column. If you don’t set widths then they will be automatically equal, or however a table works.

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