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Color palette boxes

  • Hi,

    When using the colorpicker people have been asking for a possibility to add multiple pre-defined values.
    An example would be that one could add pre-defined values which would show up as clickable color-boxes below the palette (think Photoshop).

    Kind regards

  • Hi Tony,

    A new colorpicker field (with support for RGBA) is planned. I will add this as a feature request for that field on Github. Currently WordPress core colorpicker is being used (Iris) and it does support a palette so it shouldn’t be too much to do.

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  • Any progress on this? I’d also like to add in some of my default colors, even if I can’t do it through the panel I’d like to do it via a hook if possible.

  • me too, a colorpicker with rgba option would be great!

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